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So I got Afterlight…

Afterlight: a photo editing app for 99 cents. It’s great, it’s cheap, it helps you cheat by taking crappy digital photos and filtering the heck out of them so they can have an instant film quality. It is now my new favorite instant-gratification process because I don’t have the cash for real cameras yet and I have developed a crush on film photography. I’m pretty sure I used it for three days straight this week. Yeah, it kind of made my vision a little weird from staring at a small screen for so long, but, hey, I “developed” some prints I think I’m excited about.







Death Valley


Anberlin at The Observatory, 2013


Bass Lake




2014 Roadtrip


Visual Alphabet, pt 2

Visual Alphabet part 2! So much fun. Hope y’all enjoy :)








(Unicorns are REAL)



Xenops (Xenops)

yak 001
zebra 001




Visual Alphabet, pt 1

For one of my art classes, I had to make a visual alphabet based on an artist. I chose the Chinese artist Xu Beihong, who is famous for his ink wash paintings of horses. For my alphabet, I used an animal for each letter and tried to emulate some of his style in my ink washes.

The following includes the first half, A-M (Enjoy!):Albatross
Beluga Cheetah



Goat Horse Iguana Jellyfish
Kitten Lion Moose




Wild Name

This image was taken in Emerald Cove, Bass Lake, filtered in Photoshop. The design was created in Illustrator, using the letters of my name.

Photography: In the mountains, there you feel free

“In the mountains, there you feel free. I read, much of the night, and go south in the winter.” –T.S. Eliot, The Wasteland

Last fall/winter semester, I went on some awesome backpacking and hiking adventures in Yosemite and the Ansel Adams Wilderness. I took a lot of pictures of trees and big rocks and stuff…but seriously, it’s so amazing that trees and big rocks and stuff can be so magical and full of life. I hope you enjoy some of the pictures I edited up–you can click on them for bigger sizes. :)

Portable Landscape: Listening Tree

If you know what a “portable landscape” is, you’re probably very artsy. I guess I’m pretty artsy, but it still sounds weird when I try to explain it.

Basically it’s like a place that you’ve made…that you can pick up and move…so it’s not an installation. However, apparently “place” is a very broad term. My professor showed us a picture of a student’s portable landscape made out of a pair of pants with plants growing out of it. Cool story…anyways…I think I’m just gonna call it “three-dimensional art” like normal people do.  

The purpose of the piece was to create a place where I felt at peace or close to God–a place where I felt free. I fused two of such places together: nature and music. For now, I’ve titled it “Listening Tree.”

There may or may not have been music paraphernalia harmed in the making of this project….But I think they like their home a lot better now than when they were trapped inside my CD rack. I used strips of album cover artwork from music that has impacted me artistically, emotionally, and spiritually in both the past and present. Specifically featured appearances are made by Underoath: They’re Only Chasing Safety; ShowbreadNo Sir, Nihilism is Not Practical and Nervosa; Oh SleeperSon of the Morning; Secret & Whisper: Great White Whale; Burden of a Day: Blessed Be Our Ever After; Flyleaf: Flyleaf; Superchic[k]: Beauty From Pain; Chasing Victory: Fiends; As Cities Burn: Come Now Sleep; and The Devil Wears Prada: With Roots and Branches Below.

Other inspirations and influences include: Ansel Adams, Yosemite, Olafur Arnalds, Sigur Ros, Bon Iver, my solo hike in the woods, Family Force 5, the swing under the magnolia tree by my friends’ apartment, and my study abroad term in the mountains. And We Are Ansel…to anyone who is a fan of that band, yes I was thinking of the song “Look at the Tree!” the whole time.

Amateur photography: Hume Lake

(note: I accidentally posted this yesterday when it wasn’t quite ready. My bad for any confusion to my email recipients.)

Like the title says, it’s amateur photography–I still have yet to acquire a legit photographer’s camera, and I’m counting down the days until I will actually get to take a class as part of my Art major. Dude, I’m so excited. But until then, I do what I can with what I have–a nice little digital Canon and editing programs on my computer, heh. And until then, would you mind checking out some of these amateur pics of Hume Lake (taken a few summers ago)–let me know which ones you like, if any stand out to you. :)

They are so tall.

The morning I went fishing.

Some tracks :)

At the site of the crash

I found myself at the scene of a plane crash.

A cemetery of wreckage and debris.

Empty plane, empty seats, empty cars–

Empty everything.

And I stood there, feeling almost nothing at all–except quiet.

And it was so quiet.

And I wondered where the passengers had gone, if that boy would ever come back for his bicycle.

But it was all a dream, though a dream I could touch and feel;

The wonder Steven Spielberg designed all for the reel.

A broken truth

“Dear God, why should I think you’re good in a world that’s falling apart?” –Showbread, The Fear of God


Babies starve, the helpless are raped, and hearts break. And where does our good God stand?

It is a broken truth. I refuse to believe that God is not good, but that also means I must accept his hand in suffering. Whether or not God ordains suffering or simply allows it for his manipulation, I do not know. I do know these few things, though: that the goal of my life is not to be happy, it is to flourish–to live my life with strength and potency as I proclaim the love of Christ. And though I would never wish suffering into being, if my desires get in the way of this true flourishing, and suffering is the only way to drive me away from them, I cannot curse God. I know without doubt that the small sufferings I have experienced in my life have shaped me into a stronger person.

Last of all, I know this: I would much rather have God, the one that went through the ultimate suffering for the good of saving me, be in control of my suffering than an evil force. I want to be able to look up in my weeping and see my Lord’s hand stretched out to me, to see in his eyes that he knows the way to guide me through the darkness, and trust that his end is the good.

Pretending to be Robert Rauschenberg

Robert Rauschenberg is probably one of those artists you learned about in your high school art class, one of those artists you thought was more of a loon than an artist. I mean, he did put a tire around a taxidermy goat and stood it on top of a painting.

I confess, I felt skeptical at first of this man’s “combines” (his self-made term for his works, since they combine sculpture and painting) but the more I have gotten to know Rauschenberg’s works, the more I just love them.



He can interweave the two-dimensional and the three-dimensional. He printmakes like a boss. He knows how to take random objects of life or pop culture and apply paint and texture and pieces of wood and birds and old photographs and turn them all into a beautiful sensory explosion.


I am literally not Robert Rauschenberg. But I can pretend I’m an artist like him sometimes…

All of my objects came from a thrift store or a dumpster. Guess which ones came from where.

I had the best time whacking the remaining life out of the ukulele on a curb. Made me feel like a hipster rockstar for a brief 5 minutes.

I used an inordinate amount of spray paint, plus primer. I had to arrange a ride to go back to the store two more times. Fabric absorbs paint really well.

And can I just say that I love toy dinosaurs? They make me revert back to childhood and happiness in general.

I was pretty pleased with the end product, though after my art critique, I could design some adjustments for a better piece. Unfortunately, I haven’t come up with any good ideas on what to do with it. I don’t have a studio…and rolling the chair a mile to my apartment that won’t have any room for it anyways doesn’t sound very romantic.

So the amateur artists realizes she might be getting a little ahead of herself by making large art for art’s sake. But feeling like Robert Rauschenberg in the process and getting to play with toy dinosaurs again? Yeah, worth it.


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