My first drop in the ocean

Since I happened to graduate from high school, I figured it would be slightly inappropriate to continue my high school blog on The Feather. Therefore, after saying farewell to Musically Minded, I decided to begin a new blog, which I have proudly named A Drop in the Ocean.

So, to kick off my new blog, I decided to start with something light and not particularly conversational. Hence, I created a list of 25 random-ish facts about me, because those are more fun to learn (I hope) and those of you reading this probably already know all the important major details about me.

So here they are! In no particular order…

  1. I hate paying for something I could do/make myself
  2. I often have bruises and scrapes because 1.) I pretend I’m a ninja even though I’m not and 2.) My shins have an overactive magnetic attraction to hard, painful-upon-contact objects
  3. I love V-necks wayyyyy more than Crew-necks
  4. If I could eat just nuts, fruit, bell peppers, and ice cream every day all day, I would
  5. I used to be unable to run due to painful ankles
  6. Writing helps me relieve stress
  7. I could watch the ocean for hours…
  8. …unless I have a surfboard; in that case, I could just be in the ocean for hours
  10. I don’t take very good care of my fingernails
  11. I hate doing nothing, it seems like a waste of time…
  12. …but I can waste hours doing something I don’t need to be doing
  13. I enjoy weight lifting and mountain biking and Kajabe Can Can!
  14. I get kind of ticked off when I lose at Super Smash Bros.
  15. I’m not a big earrings-type girl, but I love bracelets!
  16. I think one of the worst things would be to have my front teeth smashed out
  17. I really like variety…if you give me plain vanilla ice cream I might stare at you like you’re crazy
  18. I love making new recipes and finding recipes that make typically “bad-for-you” foods “not-as-bad-for-you”
  19. I’d rather be barefoot
  20. I’m not sure if I should be using periods at the end of these sentences or not
  21. I’m jealous of anyone who can sing
  22. I think hair, eyes, and muscles are the most fascinating things about people’s appearances
  23. I like the words “stoked” and “rawr”
  24. The worst injuries I’ve sustained are a black eye, shin splints, and lower-back issues (still not sure what exactly it was)
  25. I yell at technology that fails me

So there you have it! I’ll be posting a “real” blog soon :) .


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