The getting-ready-for-bed drag

After 17 years of existence, I have decided that I hate having to get ready for bed. Not sleeping or going to bed, theoretically—I’m talking about the process of preparing oneself for the night’s rest.

Think about it. It’s probably THE most mundane activity of a human’s daily life.

Waking up and getting ready in the morning isn’t even that boring; sure, I have to do the same things, take a shower, do my hair and makeup, put on my outfit, etc., but it usually has some variety in it. I get to pick a different outfit every day, decide specifically how I’m gonna do my hair and makeup, and when I’m taking a shower, I just might decide to use the bar soap instead of the body wash so that my cucumber melon body spray isn’t interfering with the lingering smell of a vanilla sugar scented wash…get the picture?

Getting ready for bed is a completely different in that it is the simplest form of what we call a “routine.” Brush teeth. Wash face. Floss teeth. Wash retainer. Put retainer in mouth. Apply acne cream and lotion.




Nothing changes. Same toothpaste, same retainers, same motions.

This seems like it might be such a petty thing to get all worked up about. But I’m a person who likes variety…contrast…spice. CAN ANYONE TELL ME WHY I should have to suffer from no spice in my going-to-bed rituals?

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