Undercover construction ninja

Ninja move of the day: not necessarily my ninja move, but someone else’s in a way…you’ll see.

I was parking my car in front of a bank, and the building next to it was under construction. Before I could get out of my car, this guy walks out of the under-construction-building in full construction-man gear (like, neon orange helmet and everything) but he was…rather good looking.

And when I say “rather good looking,” I mean this guy looked like he was college age and belonged in a rock band. That sort of “rather good looking.” Like he was modeling the construction wear and not actually working in it (though he totally looked like he knew what he was doing…which is good).

It was odd…so I laughed…and then I realized he must be an undercover ninja.

Therefore the Ninja Move of the Day.

2 thoughts on “Undercover construction ninja

  1. hahahahaha Jenn when I read this I can hear your voice, it’s awesome. Your writing style is so distinct. It makes me want to laugh when I read it, because it’s like you’re just telling me a funny story.


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