Top 3 steps to health

If you’re looking to get in shape, here are three steps that will give you a foundational mindset essential to improving your physical-set.

STEP #1: Realize that this whole getting-in-shape thing won’t happen overnight, nor is it simply a month-long ordeal. This is a lifetime commitment, and the most important thing you can do for your health is realize this. The correct aim should be “Healthy Lifestyle,” not simply to lose weight or get a six pack…which are okay to have in mind as goals, but sometimes those types of goals can be either frustrating or unrealistic, whereas taking the steps toward healthful living will provide a lasting result and a better perspective of what your goals should be.  Personally, when I actually started training and watching what I ate to get into better shape (mind you, I was already active and had relatively good eating habits) it took me at least two years of consistency to get the results I desired.  If you think you can lose-it-all or gain-it-all in weeks and then never pick up a dumbbell or an apple again, then you can kiss your lean dreams goodbye. I’m sorry if that’s not happy news, but it’s the truth.

STEP #2: On the same lines as the first tip, know that sacrifices must be made. Time. Cravings. Comfort. But these sacrifices should be worth it; directly for your goals and indirectly for building self-discipline. Consider this: would you rather eat burgers and milkshakes every day or have a waistline? Would you rather watch hours of TV or turn those flaps under your arms into nice, toned triceps? Just wondering.

STEP #3: Equally important as the previous two steps, you must know that getting into shape doesn’t have to be torture and misery. Of course, it’s probably won’t be “easy,” but you don’t have to do “So-and-So’s Supreme Daily Hour of Death” or go out running every day for two hours and hate every minute of it. Nor do you have to eat nothing but lettuce and protein shakes (which is actually really bad for you, but more on that later). Living a healthy lifestyle should be natural and invigorating.

I hope this is helpful and encouraging to you, and I will be writing more health tips in the future!


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