Retired cart rider ninja

Ninja spotting as told by a friend of mine:

“I was working at Vons the other day collecting the carts in the parking lot and there was a really really old guy pushing one toward the store. I watched him as he did this because about 50 yards from the curb he started to sprint while pushing the cart in front of him…which I found odd because it was extremely hot [outside] and he was probably 80 years old.

“He then jumped on his cart after he gained enough speed (there is a slight decline [in the parking lot that slopes] toward the store) and rode it straight for the curb in front of the store. I started to get very worried for the guy, thinking that maybe a senile episode [was sending him] back to his Nascar days and was about to have a major wipeout!

“He never slowed down and this made me more convinced that he was having an episode and I would end up having to call for an ambulance, but at the last second I [realized] that this man was actually a retired ninja; he popped a wheelie about two feet from the curb and as the bottom wheels hit the curb he jumped it and landed with all four wheels safely on the sidewalk. I was very impressed.”

Ninja Move of the Day!


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