You know what’s raw? A free album from SHOWBREAD

Sorry, Josh Dies, but I don’t think you have that phrase copyrighted yet. Besides, I think I’m allowed to use it since I’m going to talk about how your band Showbread is making a new album for FREE as a result of its new partnership with Come&Live! Records–because that’s truly raw.

Come&Live! is a non-profit organization that focuses on equipping musicians to be more missionary-esque, by using a charity-based income to offer free digital music. Here is a short video explaining their vision in a nutshell:

In March, Showbread announced a statement regarding their departure from Tooth & Nail records and their signing on with Come&Live!

“At this point in our lives as Showbread, we have decided to withdraw from many elements of the industry that have been a part of our band for years, sign with Come&Live! and trust God to provide ways for us to offer our music and our performances as free gifts in order to expand the scope of our ministry. By offering our music as a gift with no charge and embracing Christ’s call to give generously we will open our ministry to anyone and everyone who will take any note of it, not just those willing to pay for it. It is our hope to make Showbread more like the work of missionaries than the work of a professional rock and roll band.”

You can read their full statement on Showbread’s site here.

Well, sure, that’s cool, sounds like a good charity to donate to once in a while, free music is fun, yada-yada. Sounds pretty raw, I guess

Wait, I’m not finished yet! The deal here is, not long after they joined the Come&Live! family, Showbread decided to begin a fundraiser for their upcoming album, with the intent to raise enough money to be able to create the album for free, with all the studio charges covered by donations.

The project started in late May, with a deadline for August 14 to raise $13,000. Those interested in supporting the project were allowed to pledge money online, on a site called Kickstarter, with the option of choosing a gift according to the amount pledged (for example, $20 would get a special signed CD/DVD).

Eight days later, the full amount had already been funded…and after the full 90 days had elapsed, the grand total of donations amounted to $33, 322. Now that’s what I call raw.

Personally, I was completely amazed at how God not only matched the band’s goal, but completely surpassed it even when no one could tell if the project had any chance of success. Needless to say, the Showbread guys were pretty excited too:


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