Longboarding Fail

I went to ride my longboard to class today.

Let’s just say that at one point, I got tripped up on the sidewalk, and made too many failed attempts to get going again–all this in perfect view of a trolley bus full of kids from my college. Yay.


4 thoughts on “Longboarding Fail

  1. Humiliating I know….but keep it up. Keep riding that longboard and one of these days you will know where all the cracks in the sidewalk are and there will be a bus load of students saying wow…look at that girl ride!



  2. must be a thing this week, falling. I share your pain. I was on a run on Sat morning at woodward park on the trail. 3 miles out, when I tripped on a rock, in front of the only two people on the trail at the time. LAID it out! 2 bloody knees, 1 bruised hand, a sore shoulder, and A Lot of dirt all over me! Oh did I mention I knew one of the people.


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