Longboarding Fail #2

Today I longboarded to my West Campus classes again. This time, I made it quite smoothly ALL the way to the parking lot!

Unfortunately, I made it quite smoothly just to the parking lot.

Not long past the entrance to the lot, I ran over some sort of crack/bump/obstacle/thing that I wasn’t prepared for and slipped off my board. No, I did not fall and die, and neither were there that many people around.

I was fine, and simply landed on my two feet. But my board? She decided to run off and play hide-and-go-seek under the rows of parked cars.

I think I searched for, mmmm, about 10 minutes until I finally found her concealed behind a compact car’s front wheel.

Thankfully, I wasn’t late to class, but I didn’t have any time to wash off my black knees either.

And that is my Fail of the Day.


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