Longboarding Fail #3

After about 3 months of longboarding almost every day at college, I feel like I’m starting to feel pretty comfortable on my nice lil’ silver surfer.

Pride comes before a fall very often, though.

Last week, I was FLYIN’ as I boarded over to the gym. Goin’ oh so smooth, sun on my face, wind in my hair. Halfway there, some sassy dude shouted out of a car window as he and his buddy drove past:

“Skater girls rock!”

Now I was really flyin’.

Until I made it in front of the entrance of the west campus, caught my foot on my back wheel, and that “flyin'” turned into literal flying.

And then gravity kicked in. By God’s grace, I peeled myself off of the asphalt with only a few scrapes on my elbows, a minor road rash on my knee (with bruising on the way), and burning but not raw palms. My pride had already run off and hid in the bushes, and I didn’t feel like going to find her, so I continued riding on to the gym without her.

Fail of the Day.



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