Banana Bread fail

Girls, if you haven’t already heard, the best way to get to a man’s heart is through his stomach. That is a piece of advice you should not take lightly.

I especially love this piece of advice because I love to bake, and due to my apprenticeship of the wonderful bakers in my family, I feel quite confident of my own baking skills. Therefore, I’ve been in the business of employing this proverb for a few years now.

Over winter break, for very necessary reasons, I made one of my guy friends a loaf of banana bread. Actually, I made two loaves, one for him, and one for my family.

I was very proud of this banana bread. The loaf for my family was disappearing quickly, and I myself was pleased with its flavor and texture–let’s just say I felt rather confident when I handed the treat over to my friend.

Between that time and this past weekend, he never spoke to me of the banana bread. So I was thinking, Like, geez, thanks for saying nothing about the bread I made you!

Actually, I was more worried that he didn’t like it. That he HATED it…that he would never eat anything I ever made AGAIN.

Okay, so those were my dramatic thoughts; I knew for sure that he liked my peanut brittle, so not all could be lost.

Anyhow, this past weekend, I finally decided to ask him if he liked the banana bread–carefully adding that if it wasn’t to his taste, he could tell me so that I might “do better next time.”

He began telling me that he had never eaten banana bread with a topping on it…

Confused, I told him the banana bread I had made only had walnuts on top, not the sugary crumbles he spoke of.

Then it hit me. I had given him THE WRONG BREAD. Somehow I hadn’t noticed that the loaf I had grabbed out of the freezer was a coffee cake my mom had made, a stark contrast to what my banana-bread-craving friend had been expecting when he took his first bite.

That advice I gave earlier? Yeah, I pretty much did the exact opposite.

Epic fail.

My friend was rather relieved to find out that what he had eaten was definitely not banana bread:

“Good…cuz I was gonna say…that banana bread sucked.”


One thought on “Banana Bread fail

  1. What a great story Jen! I absolutely love reading your blogs. Your God given talent will go far as you share many more of these stories with your friends. And better luck next time!


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