Still recovering from S.A.D.?

February 14th. Some people are still smiling from the dates they went on. Some are watering those beautiful-smelling flowers their significant other gave them. Some are still drying their eyes or recovering from the effects of eating way too much chocolate because none of the above happened.

Can I give you a little post-Valentine’s Day cheer from my own S.A.D. experience?

I woke up that morning, fully aware it was the V-day. My first self-consolatory action was pouring myself multiple cups of “Love Buzz” coffee from Equal Exchange–the closest you can get to liquid love.

I watered the flowers my roommate bought me. Isn’t she sweet? She tried to convince me that a boy had left them on my desk, but I didn’t believe her.

I ate some homemade granola that my parents sent me. And well, they sent me See’s candy, too, but come on–HOMEMADE GRANOLA!!! That is love.

And my grandparents sent me some fuzzy slippers! They’re the best, and guess what? It was their 52nd anniversary too! That means they’ve been married FIFTY-TWO YEARS. They’ve made it through FIFTY-TWO Valentine’s Days. That’s radical. I can’t get over it…

I ended up listening to a lot of this guy’s stuff, too, totally pretending that Christofer Drew really wrote “She’s Got Style” for me. *Sigh*

I also made a Valentine’s CD  to play in my hall’s community bathroom. I put Mayday Parade’sMiserable at Best” on it. That might have been kind of mean.

Some really sweet boys stopped by to give my whole hall Disney Princess Valentines. Maybe I’ll make them some brownies sometime.

After lunch, I decided to treat myself and skip my Greek lab to go buy a few groceries with some money my Daddy gave me. I bought an avocado. I love avocados.

Roses are red, the ocean is blue,
Chocolate is sweet, I love First East!

Since I had no singular boy to give cookies to, I decided that I would make some for a whole hall of guys. These guys are the best, too; they make me laugh and let me go longboarding with them, so I decided they deserved some Valentine’s Day cheer.

And, well, I had a Dove Chocolate to give you, but it was too hard to pass it through the keyboard, so I just decided to take a picture of the wrapper. Best advice you ever received from a Dove wrapper, right? That’s what I thought, too.

Hope your Valentine’s Day wasn’t so sad. <3


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