Why I am so proud my brother won a rock…

My brother brought home a rock Saturday night. And I am so proud.

…Okay, it wasn’t just any rock, of course.

The Slick Rock Film Festival takes place at the Fox Theater in Visalia, one of the most highly anticipated film festival for junior high and high school students in California’s Central Valley. Hundreds of short films are entered into specific categories, and the winners are awarded with a plaque, certificates, filming gadgets (like microphones), bragging rights, and the highly prized rock, which is polished and engraved.

My brother collaborated with some high school youth group friends and made a music video over the summer, called “Welcome Freshman,” an original composition meant to be shown at the youth group over the summer to welcome the new freshman kids. After its completion, my brother figured he could enter it in the Slick Rock competition as well.

So on Saturday night, we (which included my brother and his crew, some parents, and me) sat patiently for the Music Video category to be announced, which was listed as the last category on the program.

The screen showed the nominees. Tension radiated from our section of the theater. I was probably squeezing my hands intensely.

The winner of the Music Video category went to a group from University High. I sighed in disappointment. Well, it was nice being here.

But there was one rock left on the award table. Oh, there’s a Best of Show category? That’s not in the program…

I figured the Best of Show would be the top film out of the ones that had won in the separate categories. But the screen didn’t list nominees, just simply:

Adrenaline rushed through me, and my mom was totally screaming. We forgot we weren’t the ones that actually won.

Best part? The music video was a rap, and after it was played and the host handed the guys their awards, this is what he said:

“You guys are so WHITE.”

So, my brother took home a rock that night. A slick rock, that is. And I went to bed grinning my face off.

In fact, I was so proud, I decided to write a blog about it and post the video right here so you could watch it! (You may want to watch it twice. It gets funnier every time).

The Fresno Bee gives the full listing of the festival’s winners here.

All photos credited to Lisa Ramsey. Thanks! :)

One thought on “Why I am so proud my brother won a rock…

  1. Yessss…….What a night to remember…thanks for the memories Jordan Boudreau, C.J. & Josh Ramsey, Trevor Short, Micah Smith and Jenn Boudreau! Looking forward to your next project! Let’s not forget to thank Jeff Bachman, Youth Pastor at The Well for providing a forum for students to create and use their gifts for His glory! ROCK ON!


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