Get some dirt in that bike tread.

I’m in love with dirt. Seriously.

Okay, not just any dirt. Dirt that’s shaped like this:

And this:

I would argue that the dirt courses and mountain bike trails are the best things that ever happened to Woodward Park. They’ve given a place for anyone who owns treaded bike tires, with a variety of things to do.

There’s the jumps for those looking to get some major air (or just a speed rush)…

…agility circuits for those thrill-seekers that like precision…

…random trails for those who like exploring, hill-climbing, and just riding around….

….and there’s even little stations around the park with workout structures if you want to get your pull-ups in.

And who wouldn’t want to do pull-ups in a place like this? The trees are just so inspiring…But seriously, it sure as heck beats the garage.

And, see, this all proves the point that getting a workout doesn’t have to be a drudge. An hour will fly past, and you’ve worked your heart, lungs, legs, butt, and abs, along with improving your balance and overall ability to be a ninja.

It’s also great place to go to feel like you’re not in Fresno. I like to stuff my digital camera in my bike bag, because…well, it’s a park. It’s hard to go to a park without finding something you want to take a picture of.


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