A Current Affair concert with Anthem Lights

My life is so full of music right now, it makes me happy.

1. I come home from college to find my brother had bought The Black Keys‘ latest album, Brothers. Check yes.

2. Since I’m home from college, I get to drive a car again. That means lots of listening to music on the road with the speakers turned up too loud.

3. I got me some new CDs. I bought Oh, Sleeper’s Son of the Morning and Sigur Ros‘ latest album Með suð í eyrum við spilum endalaust–you know you’re music ADD when you buy metalcore and Icelandic post-rock on the same day–and the other day I found an autographed Between the Trees album at the Neighborhood Thrift Store for 1.99. Sweet.

4. Most importantly, I went to go see A Current Affair play with Anthem Lights down in Clovis with a bunch of friends.


Chill concert + awesome friends + awesome music = *insert face of happiness here*

Arty Contreras–a local worship-rock band–opened, followed by Saving Temperance. Rocking a garage-band sort of vibe with hints of Paramore, they played a rather headbang-worthy cover of Yellowcard‘s “Only One.”

They were a pretty fun band, and we got to the chance to hang out with the lead singer for a little after the show. She’s super rad because she knits things during the drives between shows and sells them on the band’s merch table.

And then there was this band A Current Affair…

So…I’ve been listening to this band since I was a sophomore in high school–back in the days when they were still playing screamo rock.

Now I’m grown up and in college and the band has switched up a little more than just their sound–as they geared into a more melodic rock angle, one of my guy friends got caught in the gear and now plays guitar for them…and he hooked in another guy we knew from college to play bass for the summer.

So stuff happened, and, as I mentioned earlier, I got together with a bunch of friends and we came out to support, the raw rock way.

They hit off their set with their new single “Hear it Now” and jammed out some songs from EP The Real Devastation, including “The Thief” and “Under My Skin.” There was jumping and some head banging.

And then I got a major surprise (I’m talking about a whoa-dude-they’re-playing-this-freakin-legit-song-by-this-band-that-died-forever-ago status surprise) when they broke out with a cover of Acceptance’s “So Contagious.” And they totally killed it.

The band finished up with an original worship song, ending with a powerful breakdown.

When the headlining band, Anthem Lights, arrived on-stage, you would’ve thought Justin Bieber had showed up. Apparently these guys were something like a Christian version of Backstreet Boys/Big Time Rush, no joke.

They played an acoustic cover of Bruno Mars’ “Just The Way You Are.”

We were laughing most of the time. Afterwards, my friend Cathy said:

“They’re so precious, I have to get a picture with them!”A precious picture, for sure.

But a snapshot with our A Current Affair buddies? The Awesome Factor definitely surpasses precious.


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