Doin’ it yourself: Picture frame collage

So, my cousin’s girlfriend gave me the best idea.

Say you have an old picture frame or found an old picture frame that looks super cool but you don’t know what to do with it. Or you have a bunch of pictures you printed out but are just in a drawer because you don’t have anything to hang them up with. And you have to make someone a gift.

Well, problem solved.

My cousin’s girlfriend made him something like this for his birthday, and so I took the idea and made two of these for grad gifts…and more are to come in the future. They’re super easy to make and totally cost-effective with an awesome result.

So, first, you’ll need a frame. If you don’t have any lonely frames hanging around your house, they’re easy to find at thrift stores, which is what I ended up doing. The other one I bought had a gold metallic look, and I’m sorry I didn’t take a picture of it…

Next, corkboard. If the frame still has a glass, just trace the outline of the glass around the corkboard and cut it out, using big sharp scissors or a razor blade knife deal. (The reason why there’s staples on the corkboard in the picture is because I only had a square and it was a little short).

Now, cover one side of the corkboard with a material. This will be your background of the collage. I suggest picking out a material that isn’t too busy, and you’ll want to make sure it coordinates with your pictures and frame beforehand. You don’t have to go out and buy material–on my other collage, I cut up an old black shirt that had been paint-splattered for a youth group event.

You’ll want to cut the material with about 2-inches extra around the corkboard so you can fold it over with no problem. I secured the cloth by stapling it taut and then cut off the excess.

Since my frames didn’t have any of those metal-bendy-things that are supposed to hold the picture in the frame, I put hot glue around the edges so it would stick to the frame. If you have to do that, just make sure that no glue shows through on the visible part of the frame.

Picture-placing time! Arrange your pictures how you want them. I suggest using pictures that have different sizes, and don’t be afraid to add a little shape with your scissors. You can also add little things like ticket stubs, cutouts from cards, etc. for a little extra flair. I used tape to secure everything in place before adding thumbtacks.

Finishing touch: brown wrapping paper backing. Easy way to do it: I placed the paper over the back of the frame, used the side of my thumb to make an impression of the frame’s outline on the paper, then cut it a little smaller than the impression before using a glue stick to attach it.

Pretty sweet, huh?


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