New Family Force 5, anybody?

With a new album to be released this fall, Family Force 5 has been throwing around some of their latest material on the internet (and apparently on tour). I’m still undecided about what I’ve been hearing–I grabbed the free download of “Get On Outta Here” on theirFacebook, and it’s super quirky, but then again, so is Family Force 5. It’s crunk enough to have potential for pumping some car speakers. But then I listened to “Wobble” on YouTube…and, speaking as a fan of both Business Up Front… and Dance or Die, it made me feel a little embarrassed.

So what do you think? Yea, nay? High hopes, or “already planned the funeral”?

4 thoughts on “New Family Force 5, anybody?

  1. Since you left me a comment, figured I’d return the favor. :) “Get on Outta Here” is their most promising track that has been released lately in my opinion. “Wobble” is catchy I think, but it is lacking something. I also think that “You Got It” is a great track. I will say though that the song “Dang Girl” is a bit depressing to me in the sense that the lyrics sound like something you’d hear on Top 40 radio stations. It’s borderline trashy in my opinion, but that’s just me.


    • Thanks for the comment! That’s kind of how I’ve been feeling; “You Got It” and “Get on Outta Here” aren’t too bad. I actually haven’t listened to “Dang Girl,” though, but it sounds like I’ve done myself a favor.


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