Kuppajoe show with PK, A Current Affair, and Briertone

Hey there Cali rocker people. We have music-related business to talk about.

So, in Fresno, there’s this sweet little venue near downtown called Kuppajoe, an all-ages club that hosts young local and indie bands with a leaning toward the hardcore edge of music. The club is headed up by Christians, though the lineups are not always exclusive of  bands that don’t proclaim to be Christians.

A Current Affair was on the bill to play the other Friday, so a couple of friends and I dug out some cash, got pumped, and headed over. This was the first time I had ever gone to Kuppajoe, so I didn’t know what to expect.

First, I wish I had frequented the venue more often. It’s a cool place to bring a bunch of friends to go to a show for a small cost. And if you don’t feel like spending anything, you can chill outside where there’s tables and places to sit and still be able to listen to the music for free (yay amps).

If you’ve never been to Kuppajoe, I need to tell you something, though: the venue is REALLY small. It’s about as big as a medium-ish-sized backyard. Therefore, wear something lightweight that allows for ventilation. Something like a tank top….yeah. And if you prefer to preserve your hearing, a pair of neon earplugs wouldn’t be too shabby to have on hand, either.

Now, about the bands…

Two high school garage bands opened up, Streetlight Fire and Fresno local Ever Chasing Daylight. For being young, Ever Chasing Daylight played some decent rock and I must say their drummer impressed me by running the beat with not-so-basic drumwork while providing the lead vocals.  The band’s stick-on mustaches and grins clearly showed they enjoyed being onstage.

Briertone played next, a San Luis Obispo rock band with a country flair. And when I say “rock band with a country flair,” I mean there’s a bunch of guys onstage doing normal sweet rock music and one of the guys happens to have a banjo and is carrying rhythm, rocking solos, and leading square-dance-style breakdowns. Yeah, they were totally cool.

A Current Affair dealt out their normal awesome alt. rock jams with lots of invites to sing along. (After working through a little electrical
snaffoo that involved shocking instruments. An interesting thing to watch unfold.) Right now, the band’s finishing up their new album in the studio–I’m super excited about this. You should totally be, too. Be. Excited.

You can read more about ACA here.

PK, yet another San Luis band, finished up the night. These boys played some sweet indie pop rock, and the crowd gleefully amped up with their catchy tunes. There was indeed some dancing. If you like The Killers, I think you’re gonna totes dig these guys.


Kuppajoe is gearing up for another show this Friday with Culprit, The Greater Heights, Mercy Fists, and Captain We’re Losing Speed. It’s eight bucks if you wanna come inside. :)


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