New Oh, Sleeper song: Hush Yael

Metalcore rockers Oh, Sleeper posted a song from their upcoming album, Children of Fire, on Facebook yesterday for all of those interested in getting sonically punched in the face. The song begins softly enough with crooning vocals of Shane Blay–but just about anybody who’s into metalcore knows that an innocently quiet intro is just a sign to brace up for something obliterating. And, indeed, 27 seconds later, Micah Kinard storms in with howls upon pounding beats and epic electric guitar work.

With themes of justice and the horrors of the ruthlessness of humans, the lyrics send in the chills–titled “Hush Yael,” they tell the story of the 1979 Nahariya attack, a raid by a Palestinian militant group upon Israel, resulting in the deaths of a father and his two children, one a two-year-old girl named Yael.

My thoughts when I first heard this song: holy freaking Oh, Sleeper. You might wanna check this out right here.

The album Children of Fire is up for pre-order now with special bundle packs you can select here. I’m seriously considering getting the flag package.

Oh, and by the way, you can download “Endseekers” on iTunes now. If you’d like.

Oh, Sleeper fans, let me hear ya!


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