Happy birthday, Grandpa

Today is March 17, 2012. Today is my Grandpa John’s birthday.

It is strange to know that almost 5 months have passed since I said goodbye to him.

And now you rest, you rest from your long struggle with Parkinson’s disease, a struggle that made my own heart ache. But may you know that when someone asked me what my Grandpa was like–I said, “He’s strong.”  

Today is your birthday. I wish I could spend it over at Cayucos and play in the ocean you watched every day. I wish I could bring you some sweet dessert for you to enjoy after breakfast, lunch, and dinner. I wish I could tell you all about my time at High Sierra. I wish I could hear you and my brother talk basketball. I wish I could ask you to tell a story–a funny one, so that you would laugh too hard to finish, face involuntarily crinkling up in a bright smile at each attempt. A gene I’m proud to have inherited.

I love you Grandpa, and I miss you.

“When I die, whatever you might say, don’t say I’m gone
Gone is not the word for someone who finally found his way back home.”


3 thoughts on “Happy birthday, Grandpa

  1. Thank you, Jenn, for bringing such life to our grandpa and dad on his birthday today. I miss him too: his laugh, his great stories, his grace. His strength. Love, Aunt Laurel


  2. Thank you, Jennifer, for your beautiful birthday tribute to your grandpa and my dear brother, the brother of my heart. I miss him too. I was only one year and nine months old when I first laid eyes full of wonderment on him. He was a good brother to me.


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