Ninja Move of the Day: Accidentally getting 3rd place

It’s been a while since I posted a Ninja Move, but I figured this one was worthy.

This past Sunday, a bunch of family members, family friends, and I ran the 5K race for Knottsberry Farm’s annual Coaster Run.

I’m not much of a runner, guys. Honestly, I stated running mostly because it takes less time than going to the gym for a weight or bike workout.

However, I found out that when you run in the nice, cool, moonlit evening, you don’t feel as crappy as when you run in the middle of the day in the blaring California sun. I run something like 2-3 times a week, about 2 miles consistently, and I actually have found the release of endorphins is really quite a pleasant post-run experience.

Anyhow, so I got signed up for this run Sunday–and I’ve only done one 5K before in my life, (which I’m still not sure was actually 5K). So I figured, hey, I’ll just do my best, try to get my time under half an hour, and I’ll get to eat a lot afterwards,  which is always nice.

So a gunshot went off, I started running, I weaved in and out of a lot of human obstacles (which was a nice attention diversion), and I decided to push myself the last mile or so. Past the finish line, I was sweaty and very glad it was all over, stuffed some free banana in my face, and went to go check my time on the screens set up (the participants were all given nifty time chips before the race).

This is what I saw:

Women 19-24
Person #1 *Some really fast time*
Person #2 *Another pretty fast time*
My Name–28:19

Hey, that’s a pretty good time. Nice. WAIT–did I just get 3rd place in my age group? Oh, that means I get a plaque with Snoopy and roller coasters on it? Well, that’s pretty cool. I’m not even a hardcore runner.

It happened…and, of course, my family cheered me to embarrassment when the announcer called my name to get my award. But, hey, it feels good to have aNinja move after so long–and not only was the move Ninja, it happened without me even knowing it, making it  especially a Ninja move.


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