Featured Artist: Levi The Poet

She had a stained glass window for a heart – 
a shoebox for a chest cavity, and a kaleidoscope for a soul 
that would reflect its light back at me. 
Depending on the day, she shone different colors. 
She had a handful of favorites that she kept locked inside her cupboards.
She’s got drawers in her stomach, 
yeah she knows how to swallow her pride, 
but it get compartmentalized in the crawlspaces, 
and builds up inside.
She says she’s fine, but she lies, so she keeps sunglasses on to try to hide her eyes.
And at night, she stays out of the shadows – it’s one of the only times that her true color shines.”
–“Kaleidoscope,” Levi The Poet 

Recently I have become sort of obsessed with listening to Levi The Poet, after I downloaded his collection Monologues offered for free on Come&Live!’s site.

Honestly, the way I describe Levi the Poet’s work is by imagining hardcore music and poetry getting married and having a baby. The lyrics are intense and honest, confronting tough life struggles of loneliness, addictions, failing, fears, finding love, and finding God–recited with as much emotional transparency as Levi can muster, sometimes shouting the words with a voice scraped raw.

Some of his most popular pieces are “Pretty in Pornography”–a direct stare into the face of men & women’s battle with porn–and “Memories,” an adaptation of the book of Luke.

If I had to pick some favorites, right now I’d probably pick “Oh Captain, My Captain,” “Bluer Eyes in the Fall Season,” and “Kaleidoscope.” If you’re into poetry–and if you’re into honesty–I highly encourage you to check him out; you might find a connection to your soul.

Here’s some videos of his:


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