Poem: Train tracks

I’ve been a little obsessed with poetry lately–and I figured I might as well start posting a few poems I’ve written. Maybe you’ll like them, maybe they’ll freak you out, maybe you’ll hate them, and maybe you feel all of these and everything in between–but, hey, that’s artistry. As always, feel free to comment.

Here goes, poem #1.

Train tracks

I hear the life or death train.
Blaring its horn, roaring.
Rushing, tearing its way down the tracks.
Heavy freight, a bull charging.
Heavy heart, my world darkening.
My shadow cast so thin.
Disenchanted, deep dreams so dim.
And yet the world whirls in its heart-wrenching speed
And that engine won’t stop for anything.
I feel the rush in my head
And such thoughts, such thoughts.
Shall I step forth, take my stand,
Face natural fears,
escaping these sorrows?
Or shall I hold myself, choose to stay,
Bend backwards, drag on,
search for light again for one more day?
Remain to face my grief, my pain.
I hear the life or death train.


4 thoughts on “Poem: Train tracks

  1. Nice imagery. The rhythm is cool too, almost rushing like a train out of control. Ever think about writing song lyrics? I’m trying to learn, but I don’t know how to read or write music, so that hampers me. Rhythm and rhyme I know, but that’s not really enough, is it? ;)


    • Thanks!
      I’ve sort of tried to write song lyrics…the problem is I’m not much of a singer (as in, I sing when I’m alone in the car), so I don’t have that sort of flow in my head to help make the words natural to sing. But I can always pretend. :)


      • I found a couple of awesome workbooks about lyric writing, and I’m working on the exercises when I get the time between writing. ;)

        Those and my own plan to find at least 4 descriptive/poetic things every day are making for a full schedule, but I love it so far!

        Sorry, it’s late and I tend to ramble. Thanks for the “like”, and I hope you’ll find a few more over time! :)


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