The past few months and this summer…


So I did it again. I just…didn’t post everything in forever. And I’m sorry. I do have a few lame excuses if you’d like to know:

1. Finals week.
Yeah. One of those classic college student excuses. Finals weren’t quite as rough as the previous semester…I didn’t break out in hives this time…but still rough. Therefore…

2. Summer.
It’s been great, really…really…great. I had a blissful stress-free month of May and I am SO glad I didn’t do May term classes. Because then I would go right from school to my summer job, which is…

3. Forest Home!
I finally have had a dream come true, finally getting a job at a summer camp. I’m not so awesome or hardcore as to work as a counselor or on recreation staff, but I am working hospitality staff, so I get to serve all the families that come up each week. It’s a lot of standing and walking and delivering and cleaning up food, but it’s good work. And I was so ready to do good, hard work this summer. I’ve loved meeting the staff up here and getting to know my fellow coworkers. I’m actually in a coffeeshop with them right now called Heska’s Sugar Shack, which is the BEST hole-in-the-wall coffeeshop I have ever been in, so if you’re ever in the Redlands area, go to Mentone and find this place and get some awesome coffee and chill for a while.

So I don’t have any internet while I’m working up there, but there should be some posts that come in every once in a while. And if you want to check out some other blog thing I’ve been doing, you can go on my Tumblr to keep yourself entertained for a while (there’s a link on the sidebar).

Until next time, peace and I hope you have a good summer! :)


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