It’s been how long? Oh yeah, here’s this mask I made…

I haven’t posted here in forever.

That’s really lame.

I blame it all on Tumblr.

*Tumblr, shocked, points at himself* “Who, me?”

Yeah. Well, I guess college had done this to me too. Those studio classes will get ya.

However, I have been rather prolific in the last couple months, and it would be a shame to let no one know about it. I guess. If anyone’s still following me. I have 78 followers on Tumblr, though…

Anyways so…first and foremost, I realized I didn’t post my final 3D project from May.

(Once again) LAME.

I’m going to fix that right…now.

The assignment: create a mask that involves 2 animals, with characteristics that are representative of yourself.

Meet Red Hawk Wolf.

…Then walk around and creep in the library and classroom windows during everyone’s finals.

Apparently someone was tripped out enough to Instagram me, commenting that someone must have put something in his coffee that morning.

I can roll with that.

P.S. I definitely wore this for Halloween. I got more attention than I’ve had in a month, I think.



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