Poem: First October

Silence the room.
Leaving the door unlocked
to starlight trees
breathing in
mountain air breeze.

And so I say goodnight
to the explosive world,
for the
of rest
over your ribcage.

Sinking down to pause
our verbs
and tears
through bone
and cotton

r  e  v  e  r  b  e  r  a  t  i  n  g
Eardrum ward

Soft soundwaves
So calmly,
Echo of soul.

So. This is what keeps you sighing.
So. This is what keeps you running.
This — serene storming — life blood —

Beat beating.
Beat beating.
Beat beating.

A force that would crush the mountains.
Kiss them tenderly.
Enfold the deep.

Rhythm of red

flow. Slow
dance. Wind shivering
through shadowed branches,
whisper singing.

The cadence enchanting.
A new sigh.
Eyes closed.
Wide awake soul.

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