A wise post by Josh Dies regarding the response of Christians to art and “secular” media. Essentially a modern-day Pauline letter to the Corinthians. Please take the time to read this.

Joshua S. Porter

6499One topic that’s continued to surface for the past decade or so among Showbread fans is how the Jesus-follower appropriately deals with the “secular” arts, particularly the entertainment industry and content some might deem offensive. That the questions surrounding the topic are so often raised by Jesus-followers makes perfect sense, as does the fact that Showbread has so regularly been involved in the conversation. Since the band’s formation, non-Christian artists have been oft-cited as major influences, and the 2004 track “Welcome to Plainfield Tobe Hooper” deals (albeit ambiguously) with the Jesus-follower’s relationship to secular media.

The threshold of conviction

Among evangelical Christians, there are a wealth of cultural taboos, some of which remain consistent among Westerners: Alcohol, profanity, R-rated movies, etc. Some evangelicals consider the casual consumption of alcohol inoffensive and even advantageous for purposes of evangelism. Others, like myself, acknowledge that there is nothing inherently sinful about alcohol, but…

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