Poem: Pink Floyd Ringtone

This was not a dream
In overbright silver.

This was not ringing But
Mostly golden The way an ocean
Plunges its voice

You called me.
Subsequent arrival The blooming of
Incarnation Where
Step and Toward arrive Where
Velvet paws Thunderously

Still golden
Though red swells Shrinks tightly
Ribs Caging one hope
To be
Still golden.

Perhaps she told you Midnight words
The Process of Ceramic-Making
Golden poured
Tea deciding:

You were fire.

Frightened lips Well this is a
Floyd song I play sometimes Listen
How I
Wish You Were Here
But don’t you see This is darkly This is

Between crown and heel You scream
But Sky
Broken with Granite enraptured.

Now See
My reasons See
My overbright silver See why I won’t
See why I wake up without
Missed calling.


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