It came in an email to wide eyes.
I had barely been praying.
Joseph texted me his congratulations.
But I wanted to ask if he was scared.
Understanding was labor intensive.  

I felt the kick and I wept.
Tried to smile so they would not stare. 
Elizabeth came to hold my hands. 
Her faith was like molasses. 
Conversely I was tense as an ambush.  

But they had written this as the original design.
The match struck so I lit the candle.
Hands shivering yet resolute. 
The census information came in an envelope. 
I read it by the light. 

Now Advent: arriving. 
I stretched and preened my wings.
I followed Esther’s instructions.
Despite the difficult dreams, Joseph was coming.
September came and we got in the car. 
On our way to birthing. 


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