Ice: Void (After Spencer Chamberlain)

First love   Let me take you somewhere I cannot explain   By Underoath   Thy songs art the bloodflow in the tunnels of my soul   I see you in these halls and these casketed memories wake like this post-hardcore anthology of a buried band   The cracked jewel case   I pop in the disc and the howls echo through the walls all over again   End cycle   And the same laughter oscillates in your mouth   A kind of music not heard until after years 

First love   I’m stumbling right in front of you now   Trail run   Fantasize leaving us behind   Old ash, stone circle   Now are we Lost   My feet with scars to show   For my ears, speak up, of you   Now is this the Sound of Separation   For my ears, speak up, of what is real   I swear   May this concern  May this be more than a simple conversation

First love   There’s nothing but red and all the mess I’ve been   Created Void   How can the world ever be the same for me   This drum beats inside my body, as always, with the strength of these trees that surround our home   Tap on the shoulder, dirty spoons, my blood may freeze   At a loss for words   Could I ever do this for us, for truth    Could I ever speak up, of what is real    Inside my mess   Inside my red   Far apart    We sleep outside tonight 

First love   They will never understand what eats at our insides   Understand   Without choking up   I’d be lying if I forgot   Can your hands   Tend foreign and familiarity with adept functionality  As knowledge sweats through the seams    So loud   Faith reached out but I lost grip   Slipped   Catching Myself Catching Myself   The Cave   This summer I practiced pull-ups   Watch me climb out   Not halfway there, aware, it’s all on me   Can I recall   This is our place   Can this be Home

Forget not:   Conversation sparks   What an easy way to break


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