Our norm is to write digitally but some things are in stone.
The art of shovel-making assists the need to bury.
: paradoxical machine :
The work just finished when I am tempted to dig up again.
My hope to plant the Jasmine for my perfume.
Rather than covered in dirt.
Rather than repeating to myself Forget Forget.

Time arrived and held me in his arms.
His hands were cold but his embrace was stable.
I became more common again.
: stepping up :
Now at the place where you can remember the existence of a smell but not its flavor.

So the word Okay has fluctuated.
We call ourselves insomniacs but the truth is not so chemically imbalanced.
: shall I admit :
I am distracted as a rule.
I was skillful in designing my own loneliness.

Time came for revolt Miserables.
Sobriety and sorry byproducts of freedom.
The choice lies between raveling or unraveling, but a part of yourself will be shed.
: this final stretch :
A return to the summer sky requires strong wings.

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