An Engagement with Friendship: An Extended Prologue

The following posts I am going to make will be from a series of poems I wrote for an essay on friendship for a class I took last semester. The essay was written in regards to Aristotle’s writings on friendship, found in Nicomachean Ethics. Because I was studying a Greek philosopher, and have studied classical/Biblical Greek in school, I use various Greek words in my essay, especially “φιλια,” the word for friendship.” I also utilize song lyrics, which will be italicized and have a reference to the artist at the bottom of the post. My essay, as you will see, was written in the creative mindset and is not a traditional essay by any means. It serves to document my reflections on past, present, and future friendships and ideas regarding friendship (including Aristotle’s and others’). I began writing the essay in September, and hopefully have finalized any further editing on it. Therefore…

An Engagement with φιλια

for dj
and many others

i. Prologue

Tell me I am born.*

When I am young, when I am old, when I am prime, I need you. When I am poor, when I am rich, when I am middle class and without sigh, I need you. This is ubiquitous. And if I was a bird, I would need you. And if I was a horse, I would need you. And if I was a wolf, I would need you. Ubiquitously. As a woman, I would need you; as a man, I would need you. This is ubiquitous–this is δει. If I was a neighborhood, if I was a city, if I was a state–I would need you. This is ubiquitously. Perhaps audacious, how ubiquitously. And I am born. Well–yes; I am born. And this is ubiquitous: I need you. Audacious, how ubiquitously, but I am born and I need you.

*by Confide, “I Am Scared of Me,” in Shout the Truth.

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