Song of the Day: Repine

“How’s it stand? What are we? Let that sand flush my cheeks…”

Smooth. So smooth. Smooth as golden drops of sad sunlight peering through the window shade. Smooth as driving through the morning fog, making ghosts among a redwood forest. You can barely see the tops of the trees, they’re shrouded so. Moments like these when you feel the weight of life, yet the airiness of each breath.

You’ll find “Repine” on track five of Pianos Become the Teeth’s new album Keep You, released on October 28th. This Baltimore band is a member of “The Wave,” a group of new generation post-hardcore artists with brother bands such as Touché Amoré and La Dispute. Keep You maintains the raw emotional heaviness from Pianos’ previous work, but steps up the caliber of melodic rock influence, and lead singer Kyle Durfey has mellowed out some of the rough edges of his vocals. The effect is enchanting.

Wear me out,
like a sister haunting absence,
like a sister who’s finally had it,
like a room left open just for being kept,
like some lonely facet,
like the promise of a place and knowing you’re neither here nor there,
wear me out…

“Repine,” like many of Pianos Become the Teeth’s ballads, gives you the sense that though nothing is fixed, there’s some relief in the realization. The mist drips into dew on the ferns by the side of the road; you notice these things and for some reason, you can sleep now.

You can check out the song by clicking the picture of the album cover above.

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