Welcome to Oceanica

Hey there, lovely person. Welcome to Oceanica. Here you’ll find my creative writing endeavors, some musical tidbits, a small helping of my artwork, a sprinkling of amateur philosophical/theological musings, and find a few recipes here and there. Depends on how long you’re lurking in the archives ;) .

A brief snapshot about me:

  1. Mountains or ocean? Both. I ground a lot of my writing in nature experiences, and surfing + rock-climbing are my love languages.
  2. I like poetry because I’m comfortable with abstractions.
  3. Cookie dough / cake batter > baked cookies / cake
  4. I love a wide myriad of music (“have an obsession with” should probably replace “love”), but, if you’re wondering, my favorite band is Showbread.
  5. Myers-Briggs type: ISFP

Currently, I’m working on a poetic story, which you can find underway in the category/tag “Summertime in the Orion Nebula.” I have also recently begun a writing/social media marketing internship with a non-profit adventure ministry, Summit Adventure.

For those of you Instagram folks, you can find me and my Moleskine doodles here.

If you enjoy something I’ve written, want to offer some constructive criticism, and/or have a question please leave me a comment.


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