Ninja longboarder

I don’t have anything against skateboarders. Skateboarders are cool. They manage to slide around in a concrete bowl like something in a pinball machine without ruining themselves. Very ninja.

Longboarders are ninja too, but in a different way. We can travel faster. Cracks in the road are not a major concern. And hill bombing is great–as long as the speed wobble doesn’t get too sketchy.

We’re creative. We don’t need a skatepark; any old (empty) school complex will do nicely. Grind-stoppers (those plastic things screwed on concrete ledges to prevent skaters from grinding) can’t stop us. In fact, we prefer to ride up alongside the concrete, jump off the board, run on the ledge, and jump back on.

I went longboarding with my brother and another guy friend the other day. We totally shredded up an elementary school a block or so from my house. Did stuff like skating up to metal rails to vault over. You could say it was “totes awes.”

I wish I had more pictures, but this one shall suffice:
 Longboarding is so ninja.

The Pancake Batter Roommate

For the second Saturday in a row, I made pancakes. In my dorm room. Without a stove top, burner, griddle, whatever.

With this:

Let me explain.

The college world has its stereotypes, especially when you’re talking about roommates. There’s the roommate who’s always naked, the roommate who screams in the hallways, the roommate who snores worse than your grandpa, the roommate whose stuff is literally EVERYWHERE, the roommate who decorates the room with posters of some “hot guy,” the roommate who’s always MIA…etc.,etc.,etc.

I found out that I’m the roommate obsessed with pancake batter.

Yep. You know that made-from-scratch pancake recipe I posted a while ago? I have a confession to make. I will seriously eat the batter by spoonfuls. I even like my pancakes half-done, so that they’re “cooked” and warm on one side and still gooey and batter-y on the other side.

You don’t need to tell me I’m weird, I already figured that out.

So last Saturday, I woke up, and I decided that I would make pancake batter and eat it for breakfast. With bananas and granola and stuff. Before I started, I turned on the coffeemaker to brew some java, and then an idea struck me: why not use the hotplate on the coffee maker to cook the pancakes?

So I did.

With chocolate chips!

Is a coffemaker’s hotplate hot enough to make pancakes? If you’re like me–heck yeah.

If you’re traditional and like your ‘cakes to actually be mostly brown–you’re probably thinking I have no idea what a real pancake is.

Weight training technique: balance

I may or may not have been bored in my British Lit. class the other day.

I may or may not have used the crayons that were handed out as a part of the lesson that day to draw this instead:

This single piece of paper represents one of the greatest secrets I have learned in my college weight training class thus far: the principle of balance.

What it does:

By performing the exercise on a smaller platform, the abdominals and other stabilizer muscles are encouraged to engage in order to keep the body, um, balanced so it won’t fall.

Why it’s necessary:

Just like the framework of a house keeps it from crashing down, your core (abdominal muscles) supports your body and keeps it from toppling over. This concept is important for those who want add upper-body muscle; when your body realizes it has a strong enough core to support more weight up top, it will be more willing to add muscle up in your shoulders, biceps, pectorals, etc.

Why it’s challenging:

Balance exercises are a wake-up call for the abs; we live in a cradle-style world, where we sit in rounded, plushy seats, and maintaining a good posture seems to be a thing of the past. In effect, the core has felt no need to build itself up, so most of us have weak cores.

In addition to getting the abs to do their job, the mere principle of engaging more muscles in a single exercise will intensify the workout.

Why it rocks:

Besides creating a more hardcore (yes, punny) exercise, adding the principle of balance transfers immediately to enhancing the active lifestyle. Activities like surfing, volleyball, skateboarding, rock-climbing, soccer, skiing, being a ninja, etc. will become easier as a result of promoting your body’s ability to balance.

Get on it!

A Ninja in my closet

Apparently my Ninja is trying to assassinate me. The other night, I opened my closet, and this is what I saw:

Thankfully, I spotted him in time to convince him it would be a bad idea to stick his thumbtack in my jugular.

Airplane Ninja

On Thursday, while I was making my way to my next class between our two campuses, I glanced up at the sky while waiting for the crosswalk, and this is what I saw:

I gaped. “No way.” I got the attention of the random girl standing next to me so she would see it too.

Now, I need to say that I didn’t take the picture above–I didn’t have my camera with me, oh shucks–but this is pretty darn close to what I saw. Just imagine the face a little smushed. With some LA haze.

After the smiley face, the plane began writing letters in the sky as well. My fiction class and I never fully agreed to what he was writing, exactly, but we all agreed the whole deal was fully AWESOME.

Which means Ninja.