Ninja longboarder

I don’t have anything against skateboarders. Skateboarders are cool. They manage to slide around in a concrete bowl like something in a pinball machine without ruining themselves. Very ninja.

Longboarders are ninja too, but in a different way. We can travel faster. Cracks in the road are not a major concern. And hill bombing is great–as long as the speed wobble doesn’t get too sketchy.

We’re creative. We don’t need a skatepark; any old (empty) school complex will do nicely. Grind-stoppers (those plastic things screwed on concrete ledges to prevent skaters from grinding) can’t stop us. In fact, we prefer to ride up alongside the concrete, jump off the board, run on the ledge, and jump back on.

I went longboarding with my brother and another guy friend the other day. We totally shredded up an elementary school a block or so from my house. Did stuff like skating up to metal rails to vault over. You could say it was “totes awes.”

I wish I had more pictures, but this one shall suffice:
 Longboarding is so ninja.